Sun, Sea and Surf: Southern Thailand


When it comes to exotic and thrilling places to travel to, Thailand has got to be at or near the top of the list.  For most travellers, Thailand is a bit off the beaten path, but in reality it has … Continue reading

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Animals All Around


We spent the first bit of our Thailand trip in Chiang Mai. The city is very religious and celebrates many festivals and events. There are a number of excellent opportunities to enjoy wildlife and animals in Chiang Mai, which was … Continue reading

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And we are back!


Faraaz and I are back in the blogging sphere and believe me, there are reasons for our prolonged absence away… such as: We got ENGAGED! It’s been about a month now but it’s still very exciting   This is me … Continue reading

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The Phantom


    If you have been following this blog for a while, you must know that I love theatre and performances . Earlier this year I watched Wicked, Nanta and enjoyed my 1st concert.Yet there was one production in particular that … Continue reading

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Visiting the other Korea…


Last Saturday Faraaz and I did one  of our famous day trips. This time we went to the DeMilitarized Zone(DMZ).  The DMZ is the no-mans land that separates the two Korea’s–countries that after more than 50 years are still technically … Continue reading

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Laughing on the job


I love my students. I have taught a wide variety of ages, from 5 to 40 years old.  Almost all of them make a conscious effort to talk to me and participate in my lessons which I appreciate wholeheartedly. But … Continue reading

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30 things Korea taught me

As you know (or may not know), this is my second year living in Korea. For many reasons, I have chosen not to renew my contract and thus, will be leaving Korea for good next year. As I begin to … Continue reading

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It’s been a while!

Autumn in Korea 3

“Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, but real life has returned.” Ah, real life. That old fiend, in his many masks- work, school, family, friends, relationships…it all piles up, and something has to give. The thought that I haven’t … Continue reading

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China: A heavenly day


On our fourth day in Beijing, we noticed that the roads were looking emptier and the streets were less crowded. It seemed like most people were leaving Beijing and going back to their Chinese hometowns. As much as we were … Continue reading

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