Eat. Love. Eat again.


This weekend is going even faster than last week went, somehow. I’m relaxing on the balcony with a Nesquik juice box and my Macbook on my lap after the whirlwind of a flurry of weekend eating + cooking + creating. While Faraaz adds the final touches to our post on teaching, I thought it would be fun to inject some colour into the blog world with some of the Mothers’ Day weekend’s culinary delights.

We kicked off Saturday morning with these super fruity watermelon shakes. Now that I have a blender (kindly gifted to me from Faraaz), I find myself getting excited about the ideas of smoothies and juices. My apartment smells like a fruit stall in Overport but my skin is looking great!

The last time I had one of these watermelon shakes was when I was in the Philippines… Sigh.

Watermelons can be pretty expensive in Korea but I decided to splurge since Faraaz was coming over (and because I now have a blender!!).

On Saturday night, after an extremely lazy day involving lots of sleep, we headed out for some sushi. Weirdly enough, I don’t know many people in Korea who enjoy sushi as much I do so I was glad that Faraaz was here to share in my excitement.

I view my dining experiences like I view movies.  Whilst I am always holding out for a ‘Shawshank Redemption’ or “The Lion King”, sometimes I just have to settle in for some ‘gets-the-job-done’ fare and slide ‘Pearl Harbour’ into my laptop.

The restaurant we chose, O meal Sushi (Cheonan), is ‘Pearl Harbour’ in this analogy.  Even though it’s not winning any critics choice awards, you simply can’t deny it does what it does very well and therefore it’s easy to get swept along.

The menu was quite extensive with an appetizer section, tempura section, maki section, sushi section, handroll section and sashimi section. For a cost of about 15,000 won (R100), you can order all the sushi you can eat, plus have a coke and ice cream for dessert.

We tried some interesting sushi options including nuts and cheese (I can feel my Japanese friends shuddering!) but we enjoyed all the sushi as well as the chocolate fountain, cheesecakes and soups.

I used to have almost an anxiety about not trying something new when I went to a restaurant. Times have changed a bit since my stomach makes me not want to be as adventurous as I used to be, but I’ll still try new things most of the time hence the choice to sample everything including the bubble-gum coloured California roll.

If traditional Japanese sushi or sashimi is like classical music with its adherence to strict guidelines and conventions, Korean style sushi and sashimi might be comparable to the bombastic works of Lil Wayne.

So when you find yourself suffering from sushi-fatigue now and again, check out a Korean sushi spot. The experience is like a gastronomic tweak to the nipples.

Sunday morning meant a craving for choc chip pancakes with peanut butter smoothies…. Mmmmmm.

Now that Faraaz is back on his island, its back to eating boring things like mince curry and chicken and mayo sarmies!

Lastly, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms/mums/mummys and mothers out there. This has always been my life mantra and I stick by it, no matter how far away I am from my wonderful and dear mother:


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