A Writer’s Freedom


I love people. I really do. We are all the same and at times so very different. There is no better example to illustrate my point than Faraaz and I.

We were born into the same religion, the same country and the same city. In fact for many years, we went to the same high school and lived a few roads away from each other. But that is about all we have in common- he loves hiking, I hate it; I love putting stickers on my possessions, he thinks I am odd when I do it, he follows his grandmother’s recipes strictly and I just throw things in a pot while chatting to my mother, hoping for the best. Once I looked at our laptops, side by side- my chic silver Macbook and his larger black Asus- the exact same specifications on the inside but yet so different in looks and layout. I love this about us and as I said, I love the fact that people are all different and that we constantly conflict and contrast with each other.

Blogging is the real world online, with one major difference- you can hide behind anonymity, or you can be yourself and be a lot more assertive as you feel your blood boil when you read a blog you don’t agree with, or see a status that drives you nuts. This is all OK- I see posts I don’t agree with; I read blogs that contradict each other as they battle over the same topic and I appreciate where both blogs are coming from.  Some blogs are very tongue in cheek and some are right in your face because hey, everyone is different. I see stuff on Facebook that either makes me cringe or annoyed -this is human nature.

Recently there has been some controversy over what I write in this blog. And last week, when I read those opinions it really fired me up. I was angry! Did they not read what I was saying fully? They have misread what I’m saying! I wrote that wrongly… I should not have published that post.

Today I’ve realized that this is my blog with Faraaz so… I can write what I like! We as bloggers set our own boundaries; we have our own values and integrity.  I read and follow so many bloggers that are completely chalk and cheese, but this is what I love; this is behaviour at is rawest form. The voices in our heads are all different. I’ve read things that have made me question humanity to its basest form and I’ve read things that have made me believe in human kindness -behaviour is complex and there is more good in the blogosphere than bad.

I like to see blogging as a rack full of magazines. I flick through the ones I like, I read what I want and don’t read what I don’t like. I’ve been writing posts and getting worried that I shouldn’t publish them and then rewrite them a zillion times because I don’t want anyone to leave a bad comment BUT- I’ve come to realize that there is no way in the world you can keep the whole blogosphere happy. Just like in the real world!

I have never been one to shut up, or to follow the crowd, and when is the right time to ‘state your case’ or to tell it like it is? Now seems as good a time as any.

There is no business or parenting advice here.

There are no shoulds.

Whatever you do to cope with your life is fine by me.

This is a place of freedom of expression and embracing the flaws.

This is a place of acceptance.

If you don’t like it… don’t read it.


4 thoughts on “A Writer’s Freedom

  1. LOVE reading ur blog! It’s one of the things I do when I get some ‘me time’ in my crazy,busy life with 2 kids! 🙂

  2. I love the way you think “SPEAK YOUR MIND”. sometimes speaking your mind gets you into trouble. We live in a democratic country and should practice FREEDOM OF SPEECH. We have something in common ,I cook the way you do ,NO RECIPES and the food tastes devine

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