Fathers, Hello Kitty and Pancakes


Just a quick post to say hello!

Faraaz and I have been taking it easy due to me (STILL) being sick (but getting better slowly!). Yesterday we watched Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted- which I have been waiting to watch since I saw the trailer a few months ago. I had great doubts about the (assumingly) final chapter in the saga of the escaped New York Zoo animals, because it just seemed to be a story of a group that didn’t know what they wanted.

First they escape the zoo to Madagascar because they feel trapped, then they get tired of that and head to Africa, and now they are nostalgic for their old home in the big apple.

However, as the cliché goes, don’t judge a book by its cover; because, you will miss out on a wonderfully contagious and charming family film, which shares an amusing and entertaining story of the lengths friends will go to for each other. I laughed until I could not laugh anymore (even when it felt like I was the only person laughing in the cinema!).

In other news, we were trying to kill some time before our movie began and mysteriously found ourselves at the small Hello Kitty store near Cheonan Station. Faraaz insisted that since I never treat myself I should buy something from this little place… Yes I LOVE Hello Kitty and well, all other cute things. I allowed myself to be persuaded and bought this amazing treat for myself:

HAHA! A Hello Kitty Frying pan for Sunday morning pancakes!

Next weekend I will actually test it out. But for now I just enjoy looking at it.

Lastly, today is Father’s Day in South Africa so happy father’s day to all the dads, daddys, pa’s and father’s around the world. I can say so many wonderful things about my father but this picture sums it up perfectly:

P.S. I stumbled upon this super adorable website where you can buy the cutest items from Hello Kitty to Snoopy to Thomas the Tank Engine!


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