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 Last weekend, in the countdown to Aneesa’s birthday, I took her to the zoo so she could feel like a kid again. We traveled from Cheonan to Daejeon to visit Daejeon O World- a zoo, amusement park and flower land. We didn’t have time to see the flower exhibits but enjoyed the wide variety of animals at the zoo. For more information about traveling to Daejeon and getting to Daejeon O World, scroll to the bottom. Enjoy the pictures taken with our brand new & very lovable Nikon D5100.

For more pictures click here!

To get to Daejeon.

Daejeon is located in the centre of Korea and is at the crossroads of national rail and road transport routes, the Gyeongbu railway, Honam railway, Gyeongbu Expressway, and Honam Expressway.

You can get a KTX to Daejeon Station or Seo Daejeon Station. It takes from 50 min from Seoul to Daejeon and 100 min from Daejeon to Busan via KTX. Dong-bu express bus terminal connects to most major bus terminals in South Korea via express way.

To get to O World via bus take these buses:

Daejeon Station: #311, #314 (40 minutes)

Express Bus Terminal: #2, #102, #501, #701 (60 minutes)

Eastern Intercity Bus Terminal: 201, #611, #616, #802 (get off at Daejeon Station) → Transfer to #311, #314 (60 minutes)

If you need more information click here for the O World English website.


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