Truly honoured

Aneesa & Faraaz:

We are truly honoured to be chosen for yet another blogging award! This time it is the Sunshine Blogger Award. The award is given to blogs “which contribute to the blogging community in a positive or inspirational way.”

Thank you Britt Skrabanek for nominating us!! Please have a look at her inspiring & fascinating blog here.

Now, those receiving the Sunshine Award are asked to:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and write a post about it.
  2. Answer ten questions about yourself.
  3. Pass the award on to 10 bloggers you enjoy, link to their blogs, and let them know you nominated them.

So here are our answers to the 10 questions:

  1. Favorite color:

Aneesa: Red… definitely red.

Faraaz: Green…definitely green.

Aneesa: Together we are like Christmas.

  1. Favorite animal:

Aneesa: Panda and koala bears.

Faraaz: Cheetahs and mythically speaking- dragons.

  1. Favorite number:

Aneesa: Two.

Faraaz: Three.

Aneesa: Seriously Faraaz… seriously?!

  1. Favorite drink:

Aneesa: Hot chocolate or vanilla milkshake depending on the weather.

Faraaz: Tea or Sprite… in any weather.

  1. Favorite website:



6. Passions:

Aneesa: Reading, teaching, writing, blogging… food. Haha it’s true.

Faraaz: Architecture, art, fitness, photography… Aneesa.

  1. Prefer getting or giving presents:

Aneesa: Getting from close friends or family but giving if it’s for anyone else.

Faraaz: Giving… I’m a simple guy, I don’t need much.

  1. Favorite pattern:

Aneesa: The patterns you see on Mosque ceilings.

Faraaz: You mean ornate Islamic patterns… they are so perfectly intricate.

Aneesa: Wow we are in agreement! Amazing!

  1. Favorite day of the week:

Aneesa: Saturday!

Faraaz: Friday because that’s when I see Aneesa… but also Wednesday because it’s Hump Day!

Aneesa: Isn’t that only a South African thing?

  1. Favorite flower:

Aneesa: Cherry blossoms, without a doubt.

Faraaz: Water lilies… because they signify beauty in unusual places.

Here is our pick for the ten nominees of this award- some of these blogs are so thought provoking and insightful. In no particular order and covering a wide range of topics, here they are:


So we hereby bestow this blog award honours upon those fabulously-fantastic and inspiring bloggers, who … though they may not know it … encourage and inspire every day.

This is our second blog award and we are so happy to get them. These awards are just awesome little ways to send the positive flow back and forth to each other.

Have a wonderful weekend readers!


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