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Today is the last day of July 2012… Wow where is the time flying? It seems like just yesterday when Faraaz landed in Korea and we started this blog!

To commemorate the 7th month, I decided to take on a challenge. Ok let me rephrase that… Faraaz insisted I do this challenge.

Photo a day is a fun photo-sharing challenge. Each day I looked at the list and took a photo according to the prompt. There were no rules. I didn’t plan to be super creative or take the most amazing photos; it’s just about taking a moment each day to stop, think and shoot and its about seeing beauty in the ordinary.

Faraaz said that this would be good for me because I am still apprehensive about using the DSLR and hopeless at photo editing (or so I think). All feedback & criticism is welcome. If I get a good response, I will do another month (and hopefully improve).

For more information on the Photo a Day Challenge check out Fat Mum Slim’s blog here.

I chose to put them all in one post so as to not interfere with the flow of the month’s posts.


Day 1: Self-portrait

My ankles… Lol.

Day 2: Busy

Teaching young kids means that I am always busy… Always!

Day 3: Best part of your day

Yip it’s true. Best part of my day is long Skype conversations with my family in Durban. Also, I finally figured out how to take a screenshot with my Macbook!!

Day 4: Fun

Work can be so much fun… an afternoon of Jenga + Uno = happy class & happy teacher!

Day 5: On the floor

This my collection of this year’s birthday cards from loving friends and family. They literally do not fit on my desk altogether so the floor is the only place I could spread them out to take a picture.

Day 6: Chair

How cute is this chair? As they say in Durban, “Its kif bru!”

Day 7: Garden

Since I do not have the privilege of my own garden here in Korea, here is the closest I get to one: a beautiful long bed of flowers on the university campus near where I live/work.

Day 8: Lunch

Sweet creamy macaroni pasta with carrots, corn and broccoli. Yum.

Day 9: Big

Strange & massive sculpture at the Arario Art Gallery (Cheonan).

Day 10: Your favourite colour

Have you guessed it? Yes my favourite colour is red!

Day 11: Letter

My most recent letter from one of my closest friends, Melita Vurden. I love the feeling or receiving something in the post, the many stamps it comes with and the ripping it open to see familiar handwriting!

Day 12: Texture

This is a random photo of a web I pass everyday when I walk home from work. I love the delicate texture and fragility of it.

Day 13: Open

Oh crunchy Skippy Peanut Butter how I love thee!

Day 14: Building

Crazy building downtown…

Day 15: Finger

Little fingers playing Scrabble in class.

Day 16: Sign

Super boring sign that I pass on my home from work every day. Or when I am taking the subway… or KTX…

Day 17: Your addiction

I was so tempted to take a picture of chocolate but the truth is that I could live without chocolate but I could not survive without books. These are small portion of my collection and some of my favourites.

Day 18: Plate

A plate of fat burritos for lunch!

Day 19: Animal/Insect/Pet

Pretty little beetle spotted enjoying his leisure time on a rose.

Day 20: Eyes

Ready to head out for the night.

Day 21: 9 o clock

Ok so I tried to be a little creative with this one. Here are the four times in my day that its 9 o clock. Two in Korea and two in South Africa. As the person who moved away I have to always be conscious of the time difference in SA because my friends and family often have no idea of the time in Korea.

Day 22: Upside down

Odd looking sculpture/artwork near the train station that I had get under to position myself to take an upside down photo.

Day 23: Mirror

Well hello there lens!

Day 24: A stranger

Love the hair, random guy spotted in Seoul!

Day 25: Heart

I love heart jewelry. The tanzanite pendant was a gift from my mother when I completed high school. And the gold earrings were brought for me from Saudi Arabia by my grandfather.

Day 26: Sunshine

Clear skies and sunshine all over Korea… not to mention sweltering heat and 100% humidity 😦

Day 27: On the road

Every day I pass this tree-lined road on my way to the bus stop. It’s part of university campus but unlike the other roads is always desolate and empty. It’s probably the only quiet place on the campus.

Day 28: Cup

$3 cup I bought off a street vendor in Itaewon last year… still love it 🙂

Day 29: Last thing you bought

Let’s be honest, the last thing I probably bought was water and who wants to see that? But here is the last cute thing I bought- a handmade magnet from a craft market in Busan.

Day 30: Calm

I wish I could have Cream Soda… but Fanta will have to do!

Day 31: Toothbrush

Hello Kitty toothbrush from the Mini Stop down the road!

18 thoughts on “Snap snap

  1. lovely shots! i like the challenge, coz it sets you thinking and observing and then deciding on the best images for each item. i’ve seen another blog where the challenge was to take a picture a day throughout Ramadan, that was quite nice too, well done! 🙂

  2. Absolutely and in all ways delightful. Beautiful Photographs, clever words, moving and creative. How wonderful is this blog. I am very glad to be following you guys!

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