Be inspiring and get inspired


Oh gosh! It’s been a whirlwind couple of days. My schedule has changed- last week I was working 9-12 and this week I am teaching from 2-5. It’s gotten substantially hotter in Korea this week (around 36 degrees Celsius) and it’s making me feel really sluggish.

The Freshly Pressed debacle swept me off my feet and I was actually afraid to look at the blog for a while. But I am back and once upon a time I promised Faraaz that I would alter the blog theme when we hit 10,000 hits (anticipating a good few months before that happened). Well Freshly Pressed meant we went from 7,000 hits to 11,000 in the space of three days. So as promised, I have revamped the blog. I hope it’s as well received as the old layout was.

To start the week off we were awarded yet another award. It still surprises me every time this happens (they like us… they really like us!) and as always, we are honoured to receive the award from Nicole, one of our dedicated & loyal readers. She has a great blog, which not only reflects on her personal experiences but also features other bloggers that she enjoys. Thanks Nicole! Check out her site here.

This award is the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Well as per the award’s requirements I am supposed to share 7 random things about us. We have done this before but I am going to give it a go with some new ones here:

  1. Faraaz is a Japanoholic. He fell in love with the Japanese culture ever since he read his first manga (Japanese comic) when he was in high school.

2. I don’t think of myself as bilingual but I do understand a fair amount of Arabic, Korean, Urdu, Hindi, and Afrikaans. I know I should’ve focused on improving just one but I love the variety.

3. If I had a superpower, I think I’d like to be able to fly. It seems like it’d be a super useful and interesting way to get around. Plus you wouldn’t have to deal with road rage or nosy commuters on the train.

4. Faraaz would choose salted popcorn over chocolate-anything every time.

5. I hate driving and will physically pull my body inwards when trying to fit through a small gap whilst oooohhhing in true girly style all the way through. I also duck when I go under low bridges and can be found gripping the seat and trying to put my foot through the floor to find an imaginary extra brake pedal when Faraaz is driving.

6. I have a marriage… to cooking – sometimes I scream at it, argue, fuss, pine for it, laugh at it. Occasionally it gets the silent treatment and I file for divorce but it never agrees.

7. I get a kick out of checking my spam emails. Have you ever really taken a look at your spam? I don’t mean opening the emails. I’m just talking about the sender and message title.

Well, in my spam today I was…

  • Asked to send money asap to the UK
  • Encouraged to buy a Rolex
  • Urged to meet Christian singles
  • Offered help in lowering my debt
  • Offered help in enlarging body parts overnight (parts I don’t have)
  • Reminded to collect my lottery winnings
  • Asked to sell my time share
  • Called “my dear” at least 3 times
  • Offered a date with a “blonde wife looking for dates”
  • Spoken to in a language I cannot read

The next thing we need to do is nominate 15 5 bloggers you admire (I’m sorry I can’t give more than 5, we haven’t had any time to do blog-walking lately). So here are 5 that I selected for this award because they are pretty inspirational:

1. Greetings from England. Hibiscus Rosa Noor’s blog offers an insightful glimpse into the heart and mind of an Easterner living in the West. Her posts are always warm, sincere and inspirational.

2. Macenachan. Her blog is truly awesome in many ways. She has a prophetic gift and a unique way of engaging your heart in a very powerful way in her posts.

3. Sylver Blaque. I love, love, love, love this blog. I mean, I sometimes click through it for hours during the wee hours of the morning when I should be reading more of my textbooks or preparing for lessons.

4. The Jessicaness. If you have visited Jessica’s site, it is clear to see how the writing and photos is inspiring! If you haven’t visited, I would encourage you to do so.

5. Rfljenksy – Practicing Simplicity. I love the honesty and loving quality of this blog. The writer discusses family, friends, travel, California and coffee.

When we started blogging, all Faraaz & I ever hoped for is that someone would read our blog and like it and maybe they would make a comment or two. Yet we have had the honour to be nominated for a variety of awards, and we humbly thank all of you who have nominated us and felt that we are deserving of an award!

(I’d also like to add that I know for some people these awards can be a pain if you’re busy, so if I’ve nominated you, don’t feel that you have to pass it on to more bloggers, unless you want to.)


24 thoughts on “Be inspiring and get inspired

  1. Thank you for this inspiring nomination, and for your very kind words about my blog. If anyone deserves an award for inspiration, it’s you guys. Your blog is that, and so much more. Congrats to you both! 🙂

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one to read through my spam folder. When I let it go too long I have upwards of sometimes 700+ emails! Gag!

    Glad to have found your blog! Very entertaining. 🙂

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  5. Wow, you hit freshly pressed – you brilliant person you. I had no idea. Shows what happens when you go off-grid for a while. Glad I started reading and found you before that happened. Bet you’re so busy now you have no idea how to keep up. Congratulations – well deserved. I’m so chuffed for you.

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