Where do we go from here?

Some couples are so nauseating adorable. They finish each others’ sentences, eat off each others’ plates and call each other for hours every night. We are not such a couple. Faraaz hates long phone calls, Aneesa doesn’t see the point in second guessing the end of his sentences and they have very different tastes in everything, especially food. But there is one thing they do envy about other couples. Those lovely long lists that they have: lists of things they want to accomplish together. The joint bucket list.

Why have they not done such a thing?

Perhaps because Faraaz is a spur-of-the-moment type of guy, or maybe because goals scare Aneesa {what happens when you don’t meet them?}.  Or because they procrastinated or forgot or simply never wanted to put the time or effort into sitting down and thinking up a list of stuff they want to do before they die. That would mean that Aneesa would have to acknowledge that she is going to die at some point, and she’s not really comfortable with that.

But eventually they thought about some things they would like to do in the future and decided to share a few things from their list with their faithful blog readers! Oh and they thoughtfully put it all in picture form for easy viewing.


At the ages of 23 & 24, they are both proud of things they have accomplished by this time, either together or individually. Not the obvious things like undergraduate degrees and getting a driver’s license. But some fun experiences that have taught them more about life than high school algebra ever did. Here are a few of them:


People always think, “Well, this sucks. I’ve pretty much amounted to nothing.” 

“Another year gone and I have accomplished nothing for the history books or even meritorious of a footnote.”

Which is weird, because you can’t say that until you’re dying. And even then, you’re probably wrong.

Don’t ever feel like you’re too old. You’re not! Maybe one day you will be. But along the way, you will probably accomplish things. You probably already have. And probably, by the time you’re not young anymore, you will have some totally different things to care about.


22 thoughts on “Where do we go from here?

  1. Great bucket list goals! I always think of bucket lists as monumental things that are almost unattainable, but you’ve got some simpler things on here, too. You inspired me. I need to start crafting my own.

  2. Love this post – especially the last paragraph! I think too many people – myself included – think that bucket lists need to be extreme things while in fact they really don’t need to be.

    • Without a list, days can pass by and there’s no that sense of accomplishment or working towards a goal (or goals). Having a bucket list reminds you of what’s truly important so you can act on them- whether its big stuff that takes month to organize or something small that you can enjoy daily 🙂

  3. Ray bans are pretty awesome. The first pair I bought was back in 2003 and they just broke this year. Sensing they were getting worn down, I bought a new pair last October. So I got a little over 8 years out of the first pair.

    I like how you two added the “big” things most people would stick on a bucket list along side smaller accomplishments. Makes you realizes the small stuff is just as important.

    LOL – you know I’ve always secretly thought it might be fun to eventually work in a coffee shop! Of course, I’m not going to quit my day job to do it, but it’s just one of those things I’ve always thought would be an interesting experience. I think baristas are the new bartenders.

    • The things I learned working in a coffee shop! Not about coffee or cake. But about people, customer service, tolerance and patience! Although I think its good that I got it out of my system when I was young. Don’t think I could do it now!

      I had a wonderful pair of Ray Bans… now they are somewhere in the Philippines after I lost them on a beach while getting a massage 😦

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  5. your life seems pretty awesome – may i join it 😀 were i not already 18 i’d say i’d be the kid you guys want to adopt 😀

    i think all the things listed here are the ones that really matter in a persons life. the big things that are going to make history are great, and sure, they’ll probably change you a lot, but as far as enriching your life and shaping you and your experiences, these types of things are going to be far more frequent, more achievable, more personal and ultimately more satisfying 🙂 i think so, anyway 🙂

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