Calm before the adventure


Last weekend, Aneesa and I spent some time together before she was off jet setting to Cambodia. We decided that we would have a quiet weekend and just enjoy each others company before she left on her new adventure.

On Saturday we went for a walk through Sun Moon University in an attempt to find some lotus flowers in bloom. We didn’t really find the perfect pictures we hoped for, but these didn’t turn out too bad…

The rest of our weekend was spent lazing about, packing for Cambodia and playing The Sims 3… where Aneesa got carried away and created a family far to big to manage. What I found most amusing was on the birth of her first Sim. Her original character was about to give birth, this sent Aneesa into a frenzied panic, almost throwing my laptop at me, ordering me to HELP. After some chuckles, I decided to doze off and let her enjoy some down time in an attempt to make the fast go by quicker.

This week, while my better half is off taking in the sights, sounds and culture of Cambodia, I desk warm, but more on that in a later post…:)


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