My obsession


We all have our obsessions. Today I must reveal mine!

How much do I want this toaster?!

It puts VW symbols on your toast!


(Our dream car!)

Bad news is that it’s a limited edition.  A VW dealership in Japan gives them away for free every year to their first x number of customers to come in for a tune-up.  You can buy them on e-bay for a pretty penny…way too many pennies more than I can justify for a toaster, even for the cutest toaster in the whole wide world!

I don’t only love the toaster. I love everything about VW buses. For example:

I even love the old ads:

VW Bus Advertising6 Memories Album   Volkswagen Products Advertising Flyer

VW Bus Advertising2 Memories Album   Volkswagen Products Advertising Flyer

So back to the toaster… If anyone wants to donate to my toaster fund… just let me know! 😉


10 thoughts on “My obsession

  1. That toaster is so cute, I’ve never seen it before. I used to love VW vans until I lived in Los Angeles in the Early 80s, they were constantly catching fire and stalling freeway traffic making my commute over a couple of hours instead of the 30-40 minutes it should have been. Hope you find a way to get your toaster.

  2. I’d love to donate to your toaster fund, but I have to donate to my “stay alive” fund. I don’t comment very often, but I love all your posts.

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