Sharing Some Award Love

Faraaz & Aneesa:

We received a tasty looking blogging award from Scribble Of A Happy Go Lucky Gal called the Super Sweet Blogging Award. We are a bit late in accepting this award but we finally got around to it!

Thank you and sorry for accepting it so late! Then we were also nominated for this award by gongjumonica over at Impressions of a princess. Thank you!

Please check out both their blogs because they are both interesting and sweet 🙂


Then this morning we were nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award from Nicole over at  NMNPHX. Thank you Nicole 🙂

We are supposed to say 7 things things about ourselves so in a double shot, we’ve answered the questions to the super sweet questions and thus, told you 5 things about ourselves. Haha 😀

Here are our answers to the cake theme questions:

  • Cookies or Cake?

Aneesa: Well, I was going to say cookies but then realized cake was also mentioned.  So I began thinking about chocolate frosting and how it covers cake, so I decided I should change my answer to cake.  Then I thought I could just put chocolate frosting on cookies and decided to go back to cookies, but then I realized I tend to prefer cookie dough to cookies anyway, so maybe I should go with cake.  But as I thought about cookie dough, actually I really like cake batter too… So, my answer is YES- BOTH.

Faraaz: Cookies. Just cookies.

  •  Chocolate or Vanilla?

Aneesa:Again, there’s room for debate here.  Is ice cream involved?

Faraaz: Chocolate. Just chocolate.

  • What is your favourite sweet treat?

Aneesa: You’re asking me to choose? Well I like waffles and banana splits. Quite partial to cheesecake and banoffee pie as well. Oh and custard!! Gee I don’t know.

Faraaz: Pecan pie.

Aneesa: Oh! Pecan pie! Yum!


  • When do you crave sweet things the most?

Aneesa: Well in case you haven’t noticed…I have a sweet tooth generally and I’m always fighting the urge to have something sweet.

Faraaz: After a nice steamy curry!

  • If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?

Aneesa: Call me cupcake!

Faraaz: No sweet nicknames please…

Unfortunately neither of us has had much time to scour the blogosphere recently for any worthy blogs so we’re going to cheat and pass this award to all those beautiful bloggers who have a sweet tooth.

Lastly, thank you to MelancholyMoms who has dedicated a post to Aneesa and her love for the VW bus! Its called: VW Bike + Sidecar bus – this one’s for you Aneesa! You can check it out here 🙂

This is a short post as we are working on photos from our weekend trip to Jeonju (Faraaz) and trying to meet deadlines (Aneesa)!

Happy Wednesday all 😀


10 thoughts on “Sharing Some Award Love

  1. It is really sweet of you to respond to your awards at once like that! I keep meaning to do something similar and just have a hard time juggling them. Your photos are so wonderful, too! The pecan pie..mmm…it’s like you capture the photo the way that my eye naturally takes in food so that it feels really natural to look at them, if that makes any sense. It’s like a mixture of the angle and the focus. Mmmmm!!

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