And we’re off Again


In an attempt to pry me from the world of amateur photography and get me writing again, my dear fiancee asked me to share my thoughts on our Thailand trip. I could sum it up in three simple word… “The perfect holiday”, but I suppose that wouldn’t really be anything worthy of a post, so let me try and elaborate.

Most of our trip was spent away from the big cities and thus we were met with constant kindness and the biggest smiles you could imagine. Every place we visited was exceptionally beautiful and even our pictures barely do the place justice. For most of our trip, everything seemed in our favour and I can honestly say that I have never felt more carefree or at ease.

I could go on swooning about our trip at great length but most of it has already been eloquently laid out. I will however point out that mixed with this perfection, the were a few hiccups, specifically in the only big city we stayed at… Bangkok. Bangkok is not a place for the faint-hearted. At nearly every turn, there is someone ready to rip you off and if you don’t keep your wits about you, you will be very poor, very soon… and spending the night in a place not worthy of an animal. Luckily none of this happened to us, yet we felt at constant battle trying to avoid it. As you can tell, Bangkok didn’t leave a very good impression on me, but the rest of that beautiful country more than made up for it.

Being far less traveled than my fairer half, I don’t have much frame of reference on holiday destinations. That being said, I find it hard to believe that any other destination will measure up to the experiences we had in Thailand, at least not for that sort of holiday.

In my opinion, Thailand is is the place you go to when you want to get away from the doldrums of your usual life. It is a place you escape to, a paradise in which you forget all your worries, stress and anything else that can distract you from appreciating how wonderful this rock we live on really is.

Having experienced what i would call the ultimate getaway, it is already time for Aneesa and I to jet off on another adventure, this time to the land of our forefathers, on a journey that is bound to be far more cultural, enlightening and I suspect… chaotic. Yes, we will be traveling to the incredible land that is India for the rest of the month… 🙂

Many people have offered us words of wisdom and advice … leaving us wondering what awaits… but I feel as if this coming adventure will give us an experience that will be shared with the next few generations we will be blessed to influence.


3 thoughts on “And we’re off Again

  1. I hope you enjoy India. It’s definitely a land of contrasts!! If you feel like preparing yourself mentally, I invite you to check out my blog on South Asia, which includes everything you want to know about traveling in the north of India for 3 weeks!!

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