About us… And our blog

Aneesa: About me… Well I like to talk, to cook and to dine with others. I laugh too loudly (and sometimes inappropriately…) I like to eat peanut butter out of the jar with a teaspoon and I like sleeping with the covers over my head.  I am good at keeping secrets but bad at pretending to get on with people who I just don’t like. I love to drive, only if I have nowhere to go. I love kids (although I suspect they don’t feel the same way about me…) I love to travel and meet new people, eat new food, see things I’ve never seen. I love to read, to learn random things about the world we live in, to hear other people’s opinions, experiences, stories. I love Africa, but most especially South Africa. I love Faraaz now as much as I did when I was 16- he is the feet on the ground and I am the head in the clouds. I never really wanted to be a writer or a teacher but now I’m here…and I REALLY like it.

Faraaz: I’m a man. People ask me about cars, computers, gadgets, sports, martial arts and  anime. Those questions I can answer. Questions about me? Not so sure I know what to say. I started off as an architect, in the bustling metropolis of Johannesburg, South Africa. How I ended up teaching English in Korea is a mystery. I love the feeling of displacement, and have an unreasonable distaste for routine. I like driving, solitude and hiking. I am in love with a woman who like high heels and sleeping and is occasionally caught with her hand in the peanut butter jar. Never a dull moment it seems.

Here we are after 7 years (finally together) living, eating, breathing and experiencing life abroad. We both live in Chungnam province, South Korea… I live in Asan Si and Faraaz lives on Anmyeon Island. Enjoy our adventures!

87 thoughts on “About us… And our blog

  1. wow! very interesting reading and great writing. Can’t wait for the next blog… especially Faraaz’s first teaching experience… first lesson…It brings back memories of when I first started teaching… far away from home and all alone.
    unlike my dull experience you’ll have so much to see and do … enjoy

  2. You guys are absolutely adorable! I wish the best of luck to you and can’t wait to stay tuned for your adventures!

  3. Thank you so much for visiting Paper, Mud and Me. Glad you liked the Table Mountain bit. I look forward to reading more from you since I was in Korea during the 1950’s and then visited again in the 1980’s. Thanks again and Blessings and Aloha.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog Aneesa and Faraaz. It’s always nice to “meet” fellow South Africans and especially fellow Joburger’s. I’ve been in Korea for almost 2 years now and will be leaving soon. I wish you all the best and long may your adventures continue together.

  5. Hello! You do a very wonderful job of explaining Korea to people who don’t have the chance to be here in person! For that I am nominating you for a Versatile Blogger Award!

  6. Thanks for the positive feedback on my new blog. If you’d like to contibute to my project, as I get it off the ground, that would be awesome! Just writing a short letter to an old house that you grew up in, maybe with a drawing of the house. Or a few words with a photo of what the house looked like when you lived there. You don’t have to mail it to the house, but that would be neat too. Also, if you’re really interested in the project it would be awesome if you could encourage others to get involved and write or draw submissions for the site. If you’re not interested, that’s totally fine too. There’s more info about it on this page, incase you missed it: http://dearoldhouse.wordpress.com/about Once again, thanks for the feedback. 🙂

  7. hey guys! thanks for the “Like” on my blog! however did you find it??? i just started it this week and couldn’t even find it when i searched for it just now, haha. i’m still a newbie at WordPress so still learning lots. … so Faraaz, i see that you’re a new teacher, you arrived right after i left. i too was a middle school teacher. you’re gonna love it. i see a lot of parallels between our experiences. i hope to be back at a new school in the fall so perhaps we’ll have a chance meet then. until then, i’m following the blog from Seattle! lots of luck!
    ah, if you end up staying two years, you might find that you’ll have a different experience with your now 1st years / future 3rd years than you did with your 3rd years on your first days (and even now too?). you’ll know them well, they’ll know you, and hopefully you’ll have a bond with them, so they won’t be *as* rowdy.
    cheers to you both!

    • Haha! It takes a while to get used to all this blogging stuff but once you get the hang of it, you get addicted 🙂 Where are you hoping to be placed in the fall? Your blog came up in the WordPress reader under the topic, Korea. Thanks for the great advice!!

      • hey again! no problem. i’m hoping to be placed in the area around my old school, ie Bundang or north Yongin, since i know more people around there, but we’ll see. anyway, assuming you have the same schedule as Gyeonggi-do, enjoy this relaxing week after finals! ^^

  8. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post. You have some very nice photos on your site. I enjoy getting to see other parts of the world through the eyes of someone who lives there. It looks like you are having a great adventure in your new home. Enjoyed looking through your posts.

  9. I’m into gardening and nostalgia (music, yorkville, us marines – where I served many moons ago). You guys are true adventurers. Keep it up and enjoy every moment.

  10. Thanks for liking my entry! 🙂 I love your blog, especially the pictures~! They are SO well taken. Will be looking forward to more entries~!

  11. Anessa you sound just like me. All of this quote is me “I laugh too loudly (and sometimes inappropriately…) I like to eat peanut butter out of the jar with a teaspoon and I like sleeping with the covers over my head. I am good at keeping secrets but bad at pretending to get on with people who I just don’t like. I love to drive, only if I have nowhere to go”

  12. What a lovely photo of the two of you! Thanks for visiting The Nutrition Doctor is In the Kitchen and for liking my recent post on Thai food! Happy writing! Cheers, PK

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  15. This is so great! and stumble upon a blog so very similar to ours is just a treat! We are following you guys, wherever you go 🙂
    My boyfriend is also in South Africa right now, Johannesburg and he is loving every bit of it and I am in India trying to soak up as much beauty here as possible through my lens.
    It was wonderful to come across your blog..

  16. Just wanted to say a belated thank you for checking out my food blog and liking the hot fudge pudding cake. This is a really delicious recipe your family will love. I hope you make it sometime and let me know how it turns out.

  17. Greetings from South Africa 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by on my old blog! Just read this and your adventures sound so interesting, I will be subscribing and reading your posts 🙂 I’ve done several countries in the Far East but not South Korea or Cambodia… so looking forward to reading it. Any chance you’ve been to Japan?

    Reminds me of the time when I was newly married and went on a working holiday to the UK. I miss those days.

    • Not yet Japan. Visa is a drama for us with the green mamba (SA passport). But hoping to do so next year when I have the time to make the arrangements! Welcome to our blog and thanks for subscribing!

      • Aha. I had the same problem when I lived in Cardiff, there was no embassy nearby so didn’t travel as much while I was there.

        South Korea is definitely on my travel list… I just have to visit the country with the fastest Internet in the world.

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  19. WoW! You are a very interesting person–we’ve some things in common–and very outgoing too. I enjoyed reading your narrative. If there is any dullness in those whom you come in contact with, it will not last! AHA! Thank you for sharing about yourself!

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